Superior and the only bioavailable form of glutathione” is first in the Philippines”

MARCH 2, 2019 – Oxi­na Nutri­cos­met­ics, final­ly launched the NEW AND IMPROVED NUWHITE at the Rev­el at the Palace last March 2, 2019. Along­side this, the brand also unveiled the newest face who will rep­re­sent NUWHITE, Ms. Kim Domin­go.

Now, Nuwhite moves fur­ther towards a pre­mi­um beau­ty sup­ple­ment with its new form of glu­tathione, the EMOTHION S‑Acetyl Glu­tathione.

By far the most inno­v­a­tive glu­tathione prepa­ra­tion in the Philip­pine mar­ket today, the new and improved Nuwhite responds to the most com­mon prob­lems of oral glu­tathione prod­ucts such as bioavail­abil­i­ty and absorp­tion and deals with these to a new extent.

Com­plete all-in-one beau­ty sup­ple­ment

Oxi­na Nutri­cos­met­ics has cre­at­ed a com­pact beau­ty sup­ple­ment which helps in whiten­ing, anti-aging action, liv­er pro­tec­tion and detox­i­fi­ca­tion, skin nour­ish­ing, healthy immu­ni­ty as it smoothens wrin­kles, reduces fine lines, firms skin lead­ing to radi­ance, bet­ter metab­o­lism, and skin health.

S‑Acetyl Glu­tathione

Accord­ing to clin­i­cal stud­ies, Glu­tathione helps our body stay healthy and main­tain opti­mum men­tal and phys­i­cal func­tion.

With NuWhite, the S‑Acetyl Glu­tathione used in the for­mu­la­tion of the oral beau­ty sup­ple­ment will be the first in the Philip­pines and will address the low­er absorp­tion rates of Reduced L‑Glutathione or GSH.

The new prod­uct is more ben­e­fi­cial than any oth­er avail­able glu­tathione oral sup­ple­ments that con­tain Reduced Glu­tathione because of its use of Emoth­ion S‑Acetyl Glu­tathione (SAG), the oral active form of Glu­tathione or the effec­tive in-body-form of glu­tathione.

Emoth­ion SAG direct­ly increas­es the lev­els of GSH in the body and has the high­est and pos­i­tive effects on oxida­tive stress, liv­er pro­tec­tion, anti-aging, and skin health.

This prod­uct has been con­sis­ten­cy test­ed ver­sus qual­i­fied com­mer­cial GSH, both in pre-clin­i­cal and clin­i­cal tri­als, in order to pro­vide evi­dence of its fast and effec­tive ben­e­fits. It is also 100% safe and is FDA approved.

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