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We acknowl­edge the fact that Nuwhite is already a great prod­uct. How­ev­er, the brand’s jour­ney to excel­lence does not stop there. Why set­tle for great when you can be even bet­ter? The new and improved Nuwhite aims to address the most com­mon prob­lems that oral glu­tathione prod­ucts cur­rent­ly have. Nuwhite now intro­duces A NEW FORM OF GLUTATHIONE into the mar­ket which takes oral glu­tathione to the next lev­el.

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The S‑Acetyl Glu­tathione (SAG) used in the for­mu­la­tion will be the first in the Philip­pines. This is three (3) times more pow­er­ful as com­pared to oth­er avail­able glu­tathione oral sup­ple­ments that con­tain Reduced Glu­tathione. This new form of glu­tathione address­es the low­er absorp­tion rates of GSH or Reduced L‑Glutathione.

Nuwhite made use of Emoth­ion S‑Acetyl Glu­tathione, a patent pend­ing Ital­ian SAG. It is the oral active form of Glu­tathione or the effec­tive in-body-form of glu­tathione.

Its crys­talline form opti­mizes the absorp­tion of S‑Acetyl Glu­tathione. It is well absorbed and more sta­ble than L‑Glutathione reduced through­out the diges­tive tract

It has the high­est and pos­i­tive effect on oxida­tive stress, liv­er pro­tec­tion, anti-aging, and of course, on skin health

Clin­i­cal sup­port shows that EMOTHION SAG direct­ly increas­es the lev­els of GSH in the body. This prod­uct has been con­sis­ten­cy test­ed ver­sus qual­i­fied com­mer­cial GSH, both in pre-clin­i­cal and clin­i­cal tri­al, in order to pro­vide evi­dence of its fast and effec­tive ben­e­fits.

Content and Formulation:

 S‑Acetyl Glu­tathione


 Marine Col­la­gen  100mg
 Vit­a­min E  50mg
 Sodi­um Ascor­bate  150mg

Dosage: Take one (1) cap­sule a day for that pow­er whiten­ing dose

  • Whiten­ing
  • Anti-aging action
  • Liv­er pro­tec­tion and detox­i­fi­ca­tion
  • Skin nur­ish­ing
  • Healthy immu­ni­ty
  • Smoothen wrin­kles
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Firms and lifts sag­ging skin
  • Radi­ance
  • Meta­bol­ic and cell-cycle relat­ed func­tions
  • Skin health

Nuwhite is by far the most innovative glutathione preparation in the Philippine market today.

The SUPERIOR and the only BIOAVAILABLE form of glutathione”

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